Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My wedding

So my 2 year wedding anniversary is just about here (crazy how time flies!!). I decided to share a little bit about my fabulous wedding with my blogger friends, so here goes:

First (and most importantly) my dress (that isn't me wearing it, I had to google the style) :

Bridesmaids Dresses:

I am still searching for a picture! They were by the lovely Vera Wang, strapless and tea length, in a periwinkle blue. I will keep looking.


the flowers were all pastel colors, with the main colors being pink and soft yellow.

Flowers at the reception:

My bouquet:

We got married here (that isn't us in the picture):

And we honeymooned here:

Oh and I registered for this Kate Spade fine china:

I can't believe it was all 2 years ago! If you have any questions about my wedding, feel free to ask :)


  1. Oh so gorgeous!! love the dress!

  2. Judging by these pictures, I'd say your wedding was absolutely gorgeous and perfect!

  3. OMG....that's like my dream dress....I bet you looked gorgeous!

  4. Love the dress and the flowers are beautiful!

  5. everything was so beautiful! Congrats on the 2 yr. anniversary!

  6. cute blog!! just found it.. hope to see more posts, xxooo

  7. My dress is a Marisa dress!!!!!