Saturday, February 20, 2010


Sorry for being MIA for a while. . .work has been nuts. And let's just say I got sent to a VERY VERY cold location for work. It was 9 degrees when I woke up in the morning.. BURRRR! But now I am back and have defrosted a little, so I am back on the blog scene! I came home to a very anxious baby dog who missed me:

The hubby and I are making up for lost time by going out to a yummy dinner tonight at Koi in L.A., one of our favs. I can't wait!
There is one thing I need your help with. In April, I will be attending a very formal (I think) annual event. I will give you a hint: it's in Kentucky and horses are involved :) Any advice on what to wear???? I know I will need a fun hat, and a nice, spring, floral type dress. I just need some help picking out a dress! Any suggestions???


  1. Welcome back! Your pup has grown so much!

  2. oooh you're going to the derby?! how fun! you little pup is all grown up! good to see ya back!