Wednesday, December 31, 2008

gossip girl

i'm guessing that most of you, like me, are gossip girl fans. my friends are i continuously discuss this question, which is why i am opening it up for debate on the blog:
Team Blair or Team Serena?

gossip girl by autumn christine


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am also a big fan of Gossip Girl, but this question is hard... I think I would go with Team Blair. She's manipulative, yes, but in the long run I think she has good intentions, maybe. Lol!

    Great blog, btw and keep up the fabulous work this year!

  2. Happy New Year!!
    Oh god, I love GG! It's hard to say...I think I'd have to go with Blair. I like her clothes better and I find her more relatable. She has worked to achieve all her successes, but Serena just gets them magically handed to her, you know?

    love the blog!

  3. TEAM BLAIR all the way. Love her and her headbands. Even though she is a bitch, there is just something about her!