Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! I hope you are all out enjoying the weekend! Here we are having some lovely early Spring weather, which makes the weekends all the more fun!!! I decided to take a trip to the mall and stroll around and see what I "need" for Spring :) Here are a few things on my list right now:

J.Crew ruffle sweater. So cute. I think I want it in multiple colors! Does anyone have this sweater? Love it, hate it??
Update: The J.Crew ruffle sweater is an online exclusive :(

Linea Paolo Gianna pumps. I love the nude trend, so I really think I need these. Plus they are on sale at Nordies right now :)

Nine West Balboa sandals. So cute and so in right now. Perfect for Spring and Summer!
What do you "need" for Spring?


  1. I love those Nine West sandals. I think I need those!!

  2. I love everything! I haven't seen that sweater in stores yet but i'm sure it's very cute.

  3. the ruffle sweater is too cute not to buy!