Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love It and Over It

Lately, for some reason, a lot of things have been making me mad, and I wanted to post a rant blog. To even things out, I will end with a list of things I am loving :)
Here it goes:

Things I am SO OVER:
- Brangelina: Seriously, I am SO SICK of hearing about them. Yes, they adopt kids. But she is a homewrecker. I miss Brad and Jen. I hate Brad and Angelina.

-Working out: I hate it. Like really hate it. I make myself go because I want to stay in shape, but I hate it. I wish it weren't necessary.

- Katherine Heigl: I have been an avid Grey's fan since day one. Seasons one and two were so great. The bomb episode - fabulous! But I was blown away when Katherine Heigl started opening her mouth and badmouthing the writers. And withdrawing from last year's Emmys because she didn't think she had good storylines - seriously?? Grey's Anatomy put her on the map, made her a star. I think it is absolutely rude of her to bite the hand that feeds her. Without that show, no one would know who she was. Why is she publicly bashing the show?

- This recession: I hate it. I want to go to sleep, wake up, and have it be over. It makes me sad hearing about people losing jobs and homes. I want it to be normal again! Happy times are so much more fun!

Phew, I feel much better now! Okay, on a more positive note, things I love right now:
- Kate Spade: I never disliked her stuff, but I am falling more and more in love with her shoes, bags, and home goods. I want everything! And her clothes are super cute

- Spring style: I am loving the nautical strips, polka dots, bows, etc. It is so fun to transition from winter to spring clothes!

- Gossip Girl: LOVE LOVE this show. And I would die for any one outfit of Blair's.

- Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Okay, I admit it, I am addicted to this show. I could watch this all day long. I am so excited for it to come back (next Sunday!)

- Old Navy: I am loving their Spring stuff. Cheap and chic - so perfect!

What about you? What are you loving? What are you so over?


  1. I'm so over Brangelina too! And, I love the Kardashians too...can't help myself!

  2. I am SO over Brad, Angelina AND Jennifer. All 3 annoy me!

    I am ready for GG to be back. I need some Blair and Chuck

  3. I totally agree with the things you hate! I'm just getting in to working out but i guess its worth it in the end. And I totally miss gossip girl! I can't wait till the new episodes start!!!

  4. I have to say I'm a fan of Real Housewives of NYC & the Bad Girls Club...mindless television is so entertaining ;-)

  5. I'm so over this recession too! I just feel so lucky to have a job right now it's not even funny. Sureeeee being a teacher pays less than my friends out in the corporate world, but at least I know I have that paycheck coming. Ughh. I can't stand getting constant bad news from all my closest friends.

    What I love? SPRING COMING!! Haha. Good post!

  6. I used to keep up with celebrity stuff but I totally don't now. It's a waste of time in my opinion! I agree with you on the recession! Yes I love kate spade as well! I'm ready for spring too...but school is out today because of 4 inches of SNOW! I don't mind school being out (of course) but where are you spring?

  7. I agree with you on Katherine - she is so weird! Working out=hatred!

  8. I've been over brangelina since they got together. I just don't like her. They are so annoying but the children are beautiful.