Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This weekend

I know it's only Wednesday, but I am already thinking about this upcoming weekend. What can I say, I really live for my weekends :). Anyways, the hubby is going to be out of town this weekend, which means. . . . I can do whatever I want (no no, not like that :)). By that I mean, watch whatever I want, eat whatever I want, and go wherever I want. Of course I love spending my weekends with the hubby, but every now and then, a weekend to myself is nice. So I am already planning the weekend in my head. Here is what I am thinking:
- Chick flicks. I think I need to head to Blockbuster and catch up on some recent chick flicks. Any suggestions? I can always watch my Old Faithfuls (Pretty Woman, Father of the Bride, Mean Girls, Sweet Home Alabama).
- Sleeping in. Usually on weekends, we have errands to run and therefore try to get up relatively early. The waking up early is his idea, so I am sleeping in on Saturday :)
- Shopping, of course. I am thinking of hitting the outlets. He HATES those!
- Mexican food. I LOVE it. He likes it, but doesn't love it like I do.
- Reading fashion and gossip magazines at Starbucks.
- Plenty of ice cream should be involved :)

What do you do on your weekends to yourself? Do you look forward to them like I do? I must say, my hubby and I rarely spend weekends apart. If we were apart more, I don't think I would be looking forward to them like I am. Make sense?


  1. Me and my future hubby haven't had a weekend apart in a long time - alone - we have been away from each other in different places but not alone... SO, when it does happen (next month) I plan on eating bad foods, watching lots of chick flicks (and corny movies he makes fun of me for watching - think Disney channel), mani/pedi, and having a sleepover with a gf at my place with lots of cheese and wine!

  2. Whenever I feel like spoiling myself I love heading to a Starbucks in a Barns & Nobles and spending all afternoon with magazines and a latte.

    And my fav chick flick movie is probably Love Actually (although its better during the holidays). The Notebook is also a fav!

  3. "Personality begins, where comparison ends"
    - Karl Lagerfeld
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  4. I try to incorporate Mexican food into every weekend :)

    I usually do girl eat gummy bears and drink wine! Hahaha It's fun :)

  5. Have you seen PS I love you yet? So good!