Thursday, March 25, 2010

Derby Dress

So I think I changed my mind and am going with this dress for the big day at the Derby:

This is also a Kate Spade dress. Same cut, just a different pattern. It is a light pink, you just can't really tell from the picture. What do you think of this one?

Also, I will be attending both days of the Derby. Of course the second day is the BIG one, but I think people still dress up on the first day. Here is what I am thinking about for day one. Is this fancy enough? Any one know?

This is a Trina Turk dress. Thanks for your advice!


  1. I love this choice even more, super cute!

  2. Wow, I loooooooove the first dress! It is SO CUTE! I don't know how fancy the Derby gets, but it is definitely super adorable. It's a nice solid blue and so bright, too!

  3. I adore the Trina Turk dress. The fabric was made in Italy (which Trina told me when I met her at a personal appearance last weekend);it is beautiful and really unique. The dress runs very slim and is quite low cut. I've tried it on 3x and sadly cannot make it work due to the neckline. I hope you enjoy it!