Friday, June 26, 2009

Am I the last person on Earth to jump on the bandwagon?

So after hearing about these items over and over again, I finally decided to try them out!

New Addictions
1.) NARS blush and lip gloss, both in Orgasm. All I can say is, I see why people say this is the best blush ever. The color seems like it would look nice on all skin tones. The lip gloss is a very flattering shade as well. Definitely glad I tried these out.
2.) L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray. It does make my hair feel silkly soft. So far so good on this one.
3.) Mad Men. I just started watching the first season of this show, and I am hooked. I love the wardrobes and the hairstyles in this show. I am continuing on to disk 2.
4.) Netflix. I finally tried this out. And I like it. It's nice to be able to rent older movies without feeling guilty about spending $5 to rent it. And the # of movies you watch is unlimited, so the quicker you watch the one you have, the more movies you will get to see per month. The only drawback is the mailing time.


  1. Welcome to the greatness of Mad Men. Hopefully the second season will come out on DVD soon! New episodes are starting in August, yeah!

  2. I still haven't gotten on board with Mad Men. I already have too many things to watch! But, that is why I love Netflix...just watch the show one season behind everyone else. :)

  3. One question about Nars blush in orgasm--does it leave glitter on your cheeks? I was going to buy it but once I saw the glitter I wasn't sure if it would leave a nice 'glow' or a sparkly glitter-face. ty!

  4. I've never seen Mad Men, but I've seen some stills. The fashion looks fab!