Saturday, June 20, 2009

Trip Recap: City # 1 - Dublin

So our trip was fabulous! The hubby and I had so much fun. Our first stop was Dublin, Ireland. We flew from LA to Dublin on Saturday morning. It was a long flight, but luckily we had individual TVs at our seats, so we could watch movies and TV shows. He's Just Not That Into You was one movie, so I definitely re-watched that. Once we landed in Dublin, we took a bus into the city center, and our hotel was walking distance. It was near St. Stephen's Green. Once we got settled into the hotel, we set out to explore Dublin. What a lovely city! It was the smallest of the cities we went to, so we could get around on foot. Midway through the day, we had to take a little nap (we were pretty exhausted), but that gave us enough energy to make it up until 11 or 12. We checked out the Temple Bar area for dinner, which was so cool! It's full of pubs and cute little shops. We went to this area every night for dinner. We checked out the Dublin Castle, the Guinness Factory, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and just hung out in pubs! One day we took a tour to Cork to see the Blarney Castle. We kissed the Blarney Stone of course :)

Here are some pictures of Dublin:

Grafton Street - this is where all the shops were. Very fun street!

The Dublin Castle

The Blarney Castle

We definitely had a blast in Dublin! I would recommend visiting! Next post I'll recap City #2!


  1. So glad you had such a great trip!! You're pictures make me miss Dublin...we didn't get to Cork to see the Blarney Stone/Castle but will def have to check that out next time!!

  2. Hi CF!

    OMG how awesome was Dublin!? When we were there (3 weeks ago) We went to the Blarney castle, Temple bar, and Guiness tour as well and it was unusally HOT during our stay. We stayed less than 10 min walk away from Temple bar area in the Paddywagon hostel. Did you happen to see any big green buses during your stay? :o) That is what we were on!