Friday, September 25, 2009

The Verdict: J.Crew Deco Skirt

So I made it to a J.Crew today after work to try on the deco skirt. I was warned by multiple people that the skirt is on the short side, so I didn't get my hopes up. I went into J.Crew expecting not to like it. I tried it on with the Frances cami, which I own. The store only had a 2, so the top is big, but I tried it on for looks anyway. Here it is, size 0:

The lenght is actually perfect!! I am 5'6 and the zero worked for me. Maybe the top half of my legs are short ? ? But as you can see, it falls a few inches above my knees, so definitely appropriate. And I do like it with the Frances top. I tried on the 2 as well, and I could make it work if I needed to, but it was a little big in the waste, so I stuck with a 0.
What do you think??


  1. Looks perfect on you and I do like it with the pink Frances top.

  2. I think the skirt looks great on you! It was 4-5 inches above my knee. :( I was disappointed b/c I love the skirt. I like it with that color - try it with plum raisin, too. That's what I tried on with it and I liked the color combo (so did my ps).

  3. Congratulations, you won my giveaway!

  4. Love the skirt on you! Of course, my store has one left and it's not my size. :( May end up ordering it online, though. Love it with the Frances cami!