Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Does anyone have this dress?

Is it worth it? Should I go for it? It is final sale.


  1. I don't have it, but it certainly is very cute!

  2. very cute, dont have it, good color! xxoo

  3. Hi there dina did a post on this- she has it in navy blue and it looks really good on her. She did a pretty extensive post on it so you may want to check it out.http://mysuperfluities.blogspot.com

    I just dont remember when she podted it but it wasn't too long back- check last month or so!

  4. I don't love it. To be honest. And as a blog friend I want to be honest. It is adorable, and I love the color, but I feel like the collar is a little Elizabethan.

    If you love it. Get it. But if it's a little crush, I would pass.

  5. in response to your comment about the frances blouse: ijsafjklsajfsajlfsjaklfsajklfa why did you have to tell me?! (that it will be in stores tomorrow) on the other hand, thanks because I'm pos it will sell out.