Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Happy Weekend! Sorry I've been away lately, the hubby and I are in full-blown puppy-proofing mode over here!!! We found some breeders that will have chocolate lab puppies soon, so they won't be able to go home for another 2 months. . it will be hard to wait, but it will give us time to prepare the house. Luckily we have a yard that he can play in, but we have to prepare the inside. Any advice? I know I need to keep my new Chanel flats far far FAR away from him while he is teething :)

I'll updated more soon! I will also show you what I bought at the J.Cre final sale!


  1. aww your so lucky! That would be my perfect dog!

  2. We took our 'lil Edmund to puppy preschool when he was old enough, and it worked absolute wonders! He hasn't chewed or eaten a single shoe (that we know of), and he's very well-adjusted around other people and other dogs. At the puppy preschool they help you help the little guy to adjust to new things (like garbage trucks, vacuum cleaners, etc.) and by being around other little puppies you can teach them not to bark and go all nutty at the sign of another dog. But none of that is what you asked. :P Puppy-proofing the inside of the house -- we limited 'lil Edmund's access inside the house to just the first floor (and gated off the upstairs). We also utilized the crate quite a bit - I hated the idea at first, but eventually he just viewed it as his "home" and he'd go in there to sleep when he needed some alone time. It also helps when you need a break! They have bitter spray you can put on wires (and walls, if the puppy decides wall-chewing is his thing) - and that seems to work well. Also, we were told not to give him old socks or toys that had the same texture as clothes or shoes -- because how can his little mind tell the difference between the two? Hope some of that helps! Congrats (in advance) on the puppy! :)