Monday, July 6, 2009

The Last Week & the Holiday Weekend

Sorry I've been MIA for a while- last week I was sent to Madison, GA for the week. Has anyone ever been to Madison? It is a gorgeous, historical, southern city. It is small, but very cool. It was my first trip to the South, so I didn't really know what to expect. Work was pretty busy, so I didn't have a lot of time to explore. But I did come home with about 20 bug bites :(
When I came back, we had company in town for the 4th of July. I didn't have any time to relax or prepare for the weekend unfortunately, so it was a hectic week. We went to the beach for the 4th. The weather was perfect!!! It was about 70 degrees every day. Very lovely. I did get a little sunburnt on my legs, but oh well, it happens every summer - the first sunburn of the summer!
All and all, the holiday weekend was fun. However, there were some not so fun things too. . .
- My feet are both sunburnt and bug bitten. Last night I noticed that they are a little swollen. I thing it's the combination of the two, along with flying to Georgia and back. They are a little less swolllen today, so hopefully they are a little better tomorrow too.
- Okay, so here is where I need to vent. So the people staying with are us my husbands friend from college and his wife. We have known them for a while (since college of course). However, his wife and I tend to clash a little. Not necessary fight, but maybe just have very different personalities. I usually can handle her when we go out for nights, but I don't think I have ever spent this much time with her. I am trying very hard, but I am going bonkers here. She is very pushy and needy, and she always complains. Also, she decided to come to my house and start baking for the dinner we were going to at my in-laws' house! It was like she was trying to show me up in front of them since I didn't have time to cook!! I would never go to someone else's house and make myself at home in her kitchen without asking first!!! AHHHH! She definitely likes to be in control and the center of attention. Luckily the weekend is over now. But it was hard to handle, which is why I am venting now!! Sorry about that :)

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I can't believe it's already July!

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  1. I hope your fourth was great!

    I'm sorry about your feet. I hope you feel better.