Saturday, April 10, 2010

Loving my minnies

I ordered the Minnie Pants from J.Crew during their 20% off/free shipping promo. AND I LOVE THEM! I am so glad I ordered them, and I see why everyone else loves them. Here they are, with a Tory Burch Simone dickie:


  1. Hi, I've ordered them as well, but I have some doubts. I took my usual size and they fit nicely everywhere besides the waist - it's huge. Do you encounter the same? Also I'm 5 ft 9 " and I'm not sure if I should have ordered them in tall.
    You look great at the pic, tell what you think on the fit?

  2. I think they look great on you! I try them on every few months to see if I like the way they look on me yet, but for some reason they just don't look right.
    I'm jealous, they look adorable on you!

  3. Spockcookbook - they are a little big in the waist, and I sized down. But with a skinny belt, they will work for me. I am 5'6 and the length works on size 00. I think you can e-mail customer service and ask for measurements.

    California Wife - thanks so much!

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