Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Tuesday Update

Happy Tuesday everyone (if that's possible. But hey, it's better than Monday!) So I thought I would just give an update of how everything has been going for me, so here it goes:

- One of the two Derby dresses I ordered has arrived (the Kate Spade dress). The Diane von Furstenberg dress will be on my doorstep tomorrow, so then I can make a decision! I will post pictures and updates! If I go with the DVF dress, I think I am going for the Louboutin You Yous in the camel color. Any advice on his sizing? Once I find a hat that matches, I will be all set for the Kentucky Derby! I am starting to get really excited!!! I can almost taste the mint juleps now.
- Winston update: My little guy is already 8 months old! I cannot believe it! We took him in to get fixed about a week ago, so we had to put the lampshade collar on him for a while. I felt so bad about that, but I didn't want him pulling out his stitches. Well on Saturday morning, we woke up and he had gotten sick during the night! I thought he had chewed on and swallowed part of his collar (which he had, so I took it off). He was sick most of the day on Saturday. Poor baby! On Sunday, I made him some rice, which is supposed to be good for doggies with upset tummies. He was able to keep it down, which was a relief. However, he sort of had a cough, which scared me! Monday we took him in to get his stitches out, and they said they think he has kennel cough!!!! I didn't think they could get that after having all their vaccinations, but I guess they still can! I feel so bad for him! If it doesn't get better by Friday, back to the vet we go. . . .
- I tried out the airbrushing/spray tan on Friday. I think I like it. It doesn't look fake to me at all. I can see how this could be addicting.
Here are some new goodies I brought home with me:

Kate Spade Annapolis Agnes Sweater

Tory Burch Suede Wedges


  1. soo excited to see how the dresses look!!! xxxoo

  2. Poor Winston! I definitely know how awful it feels to have a sick puppy after Piper's incident last week, it's the absolute worst!
    Can't wait to see the pictures of the dresses!