Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Questions. . .

1.) Has anyone ever done a spray tan? I want to do one before the Derby, so I am doing a test run tomorrow. I am doing an airbrush session, so someone sprays it on me rather than just standing in a booth. I know I need to exfoliate (which I did this morning), and shave beforehand. Anything else I should know? Does it look good? Oh they also told me to wear loose clothing.

2.) Should I?


  1. I've spray tanned a few times before formals in college, and usually have great results! It usually looks best on the second day though I think, so I would do it a little bit ahead of time so it doesn't look sooo fakey.

    Go for the shoes they're great! I know I would if I could afford them. : )

  2. Yes for the shoes, and be careful with the spray tan....xxxoo

  3. Spray tan: I do the mystic tan at the tanning salon here, and it works great and doesn't look orange or streaky.

    And the shoes? Go for them.

  4. Sounds like you are prepared for the spray tan.

    And you know what I think about those Loubies. LOVE! That may be the perfect shade of Nude.

  5. I airbrush spray tan all the time! it's wonderful, you'll be hooked. Mystic..ehh.. my feet and hands always come out horrible..Exfoliate for sure.

  6. Had the spray tan sprayed on me once. Wasnt impressed. I like Fake Bake.