Sunday, February 1, 2009

Book review as promised!

Sorry this took so long, but here is my book review of Nina Garcia's The One Hundred, as promised.
The book goes through, alphabetically, the one hundred pieces that every stylish woman should own. It includes cute pictures, quotations from designers, short histories of the items, and some "where to buy" ideas for certain items. I really liked this book. Here are some of the items on her list:
ballet flats
investment bag
L.L. Bean tote
little black dress
little white dress
anything Pucci
trench coat

The only con? It made me want to buy the things I don't have!!
Here is my favorite line from the book: " The investment bag - this is the bag you can spend a few weeks' salary on and not feel guilty (and you shouldn't). It is going to last you a lifetime, will not go out of style, and will only get better with age." The 4 investment bags she recommends are: The Chanel 2.55, LV Speedy, The Jackie O, and the Birkin.

Maybe next Nina will write this in a language men will understand :)


  1. I have to have | read this book!! Thanks for this info!!

  2. I will have to pick this one up! I know I will have the same problem though...wanting to go out and shop!