Friday, February 20, 2009

A fun new word

Happy Friday everyone! This was another super crazy week for me, so sorry for my lack of posts! I promise to catch up this weekend. Plus it is Oscar weekend, so plenty of fashion to look forward to. I learned a new word from my Shopaholics Daily Calendar (which I love by the way), and I thought I would share it with my blogger friends:
Shopping Sherpa, noun:

A husband dragged to the mall to carry the shopping bags, while his wife depletes yet another credit card

For some reason this word spoke to me :)
Any one else?


  1. Definitely. Haha.. love it... I might start calling my Hubs that from now on, just for fun... even though I'm pretty sure I already know the look I'll get!

  2. Hilarious! Yay for the Oscars on Sunday!

  3. haha that is quite funny

  4. That's great! I need one of those calendars!

  5. There's no question about it, I need that calendar. Have a great weekend!