Wednesday, February 25, 2009

L.L. Bean tote

Thank you for all the advice on the L.L. Bean tote. I decided it would be a good investment, so I ordered it last week with monogramming. When the bag shipped, it gave an estimated arrival date of tomorrow. So I tried to forget about it (since I was pretty excited, as usual, when I know I am receiving a package). Last night, the hubby and I got home late, so it was very dark when I pulled in. I saw something on my front porch, but I figured it was a phonebook since it looked like it was wrapped in a black plastic bag. So I went in, went to bed, and thought nothing of it. However, this morning when I was leaving for work, I thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the package, just to be sure it was a phonebook. Well, it was not a phone book. It was my L.L. Bean tote!! What a great way to start my Wednesday!! I grabbed it, threw it in the car and left (I was already running late). I tried to open it a little at every stop light I came to. I finally got it open, and it is adorable!! I ordered the large dark fuschia boat tote. I will take a pictures and post it later tonight, but I am SO glad I ordered it!


  1. u cant go wrong with an LL Bean tote, you'll have that for YEARS!

  2. I have the same bag in bright pink but in medium and long straps. I love it!