Friday, January 2, 2009

Deals & Steals

Yesterday when I was at the mall, I wondered into the kate spade store (the "30% off everything" sing caught my eye). Now I have always been a fan of kate, but she was never necessarily on my Must Have List. Well, yesterday I noticed that the current kate spade shoes are super cute!! A few pairs are now on the Must Have list. However, at nearly $300 a pair, they may be slightly hard to justify. So I did so research, which actually helped me justify ONE pair

Now the pink shoes on the right are the kate spade clarice shoes, $298. Very cute, and they will definitely perk up any outfit. However, the pink shoes on the left are pretty similar, and they are only $90 at Nordstrom (Glint Addison pumps). Those are on my list. The blue shoes on the left are kate spade keedens, $298. But they do look quite a bit like the sex and the city manolos, $945. In comparison, $298 doesn't sound so bad. Plus right now, at 30%, they are only about $200! I think I need them! Any other deals out there to share?

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  1. Oh I so love those blue shoes...a SATC must have!! Too bad they would cost me 2 weeks salary!