Saturday, January 3, 2009

Styles I want to steal

ok, so i know everyone has stars whose stlyles they absolutely love and envy. well, mine is currently rachel bilson. she is just so cute and stylish all the time. i think my favorite look of hers has to be the white Abaete dress she wore to the premiere of Awake.

here is a collage of other rachel bilson styles i really love.

what about you guys? whose style do you just love?


  1. I adore Rachel's style as well, especially all those gorgeous scarves she has! I also like Nicole Richie and Ashley Olsen. Thanks for visiting my blog-yours is lovely!

  2. I like Rachel Bilson's style. However, I really love Emma Watson... everything she wears it just too chic!

  3. Hello CF,
    Stumbled upon your blog, I'd have to say Stacy London from What Not to Wear. She always has stylish clothes and I do my best to follow their guidelines.

  4. Thank you! I actually have the Chelsea girls one in the jar, it's amazing! The scarf is from J.Crew.

    Cute post! For me, i'm really impressed with Kate Bosworth's style. I love all the socialites styles, like Olivia Palermo and Tinsley, etc. Carine Roitfield, obviously has incredibly style. As well as the model's backstage style.

  5. i LOVE her dress in the first picture!!

  6. LOVE Rachel Bilson. She is so adorable. What has she been doing since The OC, anyway? I adore her and her style.