Saturday, January 17, 2009


Okay, so as I posted earlier, I really wanted the Aubrey halter dress from j.crew. I was out shopping today, and I happened to walk into a j.crew. Well the dress is already on sale, from $98 down to $78. So I tried it on :) Luckily for me, and my wallet, it did not look good on me. It flares out at the hips and makes me look big. I am on the petite size, so let's just say it is not flattering. If I were to wear a cardigan over it, it would look like I was wearing a poodle skirt. Sad. But on the positive side, I did find a skirt I liked. I didn't get it yet, but I am considering going back for it :)

It was originally $88 and it's already down to $59. Plus I have a $20 gift card from when my order was cancelled. I'll let you know what I decide.
Oh and coming soon, I will give you a review of the Nina Garcia book.


  1. My friend bought that skirt a couple weeks ago and she got the navy one too. It's really cute!

    J.Crew's capris are amazing, I have them in like 6 different colors because I wear them all the time! There new spring stuff is so cute! I want so much of it, but some of the things are so overpriced I need to just control myself.

  2. sorry typo! *Their new spring stuff...

  3. At my local store, the final sale items were an additional 30% off. Was this skirt a part of this promotion?