Monday, January 5, 2009

what i want from j.crew

I was browsing the j.crew new arrivals earlier today, and i saw this super cute dress:

I was wondering if anyone has this dress, wants it, or has tried it on. Is it as cute as it looks? It seems like it would be a perfect summer dress. I am mad at j.crew right now for cancelling one of my orders, but this is quite cute! Oh and just a tip if you are ever in a situation where j.crew cancels your order: call and complain and ask them to give you a $20 off coupon!


  1. I actually saw this dress in the store on Saturday, except in pink... it was definitely as cute as it looks! I have a couple dresses made out of the same material and they're so comfy!

  2. Sorry bout your canceled order! But good for you and that coupon! Do you have a minimum to spend or is it just $20 off anything? I once complained but I only got a $5 "for my troubles" and my reimbursement. I was happy with that $5, you must be SUPER happy! But as for your dress, I think its cute! I wish summer were already here, being on the east coast has made me pale, I need some California sun!

  3. oh ps: They just canceled one of my shirts :(