Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello Lover

Any advice on how to convince the hubby that these are truly an investment???


  1. Tell him they'll increase in value. What do men know about shoes anyway? :)

  2. I usually go with, "My feet aren't going to grow... I can wear them for the rest of my life!" :)

    On another note, do you like the peep toe? Do you ever feel like your foot/toes are all trying to squeeze out that little hole?

    I have some CL's on my wishlist right now too... (when don't i?!)

  3. Hmmm how about telling him that they are so well made they will probably last forever! And, if you decide to resell on ebay or something, you'll get close to what you paid for! Or take the price and divide it into 365 days and tell him, this is how much it cost per day! :) Good Luck! They're smokin'!

  4. i like pixelant's idea on justifying these and i think i might have to use the same reasoning in my fiancee! :)

  5. Wear it for him a couple times. That should do it. :D

    Though that would mean you already had them, but whatever. Seriously. It's just as much an investment for HIM.