Sunday, August 30, 2009


Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I just wanted to post some updated to previous posts.

First, thank you for your advice on the nude pumps. For some reason, I was having a really difficult time deciding between the two!! And the funny thing is, if I had just ordered one pair, I would have been happy with either pair! It's so true that the more options I have, the tougher the decision! I decided to keep the leather pair. I figured they would suit my life style better (work, etc.). But I would recommend either pair to anyone!!

Second, my chocolate lab puppy is now just over 3 weeks old. I can't wait for the weekend we can bring him home! For now we are trying to stay busy and are preparing the house for Winston's arrival! When he is 6 weeks old, we get to visit and pick out OUR puppy, so I will take plenty of pictures that weekend to post.

Also, guess what popped back in my size on the J.Crew website? This shirt:

I had accepted the fact that I would probably never own it, since it flew off the shelves at all stores, and purchased this one instead:

Once I receive the contrast-stitch shirt, I will have to some how decide between the two! I will post pictures once it arrives.
On Friday, I stopped into my local J.Crew to see some new items. I left with the cadet funnelneck cardigan and the whirling ruffles cardigan in the buff pink. I will post pictures, but since it's over 100 degrees here right now, I can't bring myself to put on the sweaters!

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  1. You must be getting so excited about the puppy! I like the shirt that you already have, they styled it so nicely in the catalog. How does it fit?