Friday, August 14, 2009

More on my latest J.Crew run

So I had called my J.Crew and asked them to hold the animal print cardigan in XS for me. No problem. I had a 20% coupon to use (I got it after I gave in and applied for a J.Crew card). I got to the store and asked for my cardigan. Not in the cupboard. uh oh. So the manager went to go see if they had another XS while I looked around. I tried on a few things (the Anton sweater the falling ruffles tank), and when I came out the manager broke the news to me. . no XS in the animal print cardy. I wanted to purchase a navy Jackie cardigan and the falling ruffles tank, so I explained to him that I had planned to buy those things and use the 20% off coupon (there was a minimun $$ to be spent, of course). He said he would order me the cardy and apply 20% and give me 20% off my in-store purchase. Perfect. He was very helpful and apologetic, which I appreciated. The best part? He gave me back the 20% off coupon! YAY! That means I can use it again when I am ready to purchase the Anton sweater!!
Here are some pictures, sorry for the poor quality:

falling ruffles tank (this color is in-store only) with my toothpick ankle jeans

The outfit with the navy cardigan. I really like these 2 colors together!


  1. yay good for you! i mean it was super sad that someone stole your cardi :( but at least you were able to get a great discount!! :)

  2. I really like the falling ruffles tank and I do already have the navy Jackie. Do you find that tanks twist under the cardis and the neckline begins to move to one side? This happens to me and I am wondering if my tanks are too big. You made some nice choices! Nice that the SA gave the coupon back.

  3. Kathy - I'm not sure, but I will watch for that as I wear the tank.

  4. I love the falling ruffles tank-----have one in a peach/pink color and love it!!!

  5. I love it too! I noticed that for some reason, the falling ruffles tank is cheaper in stores than online. very weird!