Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Which pair do I keep???

Okay, I need your help! I recently ordered 2 pairs of Nine West Rocha pumps - one in a patent taupe, and one in a leather taupe (I was looking for that perfect pair of nude pumps to add to my collection). I got them both today, and I can't decide which ones to keep!

Here are some pictures:

the leather one is on my left foot, patent on my right

leather on the left, patent on the right
I wanted some nude pumps for everything - for work, play, etc.
Here are the links to both:
Which ones should I keep???!


  1. I really like the patent! Although I love the leather too. Patent is just so fun!

  2. I'm a fan of the patent leather too!

  3. I like the color on the leather ones and the stacked heel!

  4. oh shoot, i like them both! but i think the patent ones will give more of a pop and attention than the other. hth! :)

  5. They both look great. Do you want quiet sexy or loud sexy?

    I think the leather is quiet sexy. The patent is a louder sexy. I think you will get noticed because since they are sexy heels in the first place.

    I would say keep the leather! It's classic! There might be some strange crinkling down the road if the patent is not high quality? That would be my only worry.

    Good Luck!

  6. The leather one is very nice. The heel and the color are more versatile.

  7. both are hot, but i would personally get more use out of the leather ones

  8. I think the leather ones have a better color to them. :) Enjoy! I love wearing "nude" heels with bare legs... really makes your legs look a mile long!

  9. I'm totally late on this post but I had a similar dilemma and ended up going with the leather ones because they're more versatile :)