Monday, August 3, 2009

My Dress!

I was just browsing the interenet when I came across this photo:

I bought this dress a few weekends ago at the outlet for $25! It's always nice to see celebrities wearing your clothes


  1. I love it! (the dress and the deal!)

  2. WOW that dress is gorgeous!

  3. Very cute dress! Which outlet shop did you go to? Just saw your comments on my blog. I never check my blog and haven't posted in forever so I apologize for not answering back. I haven't been in the TO J Crew store for a few days so I don't know what new things they got in. I did visit the Santa Monica store last weekend and I bought the stretch wool dress with the flower belt and the peep-toe pumps in the brick color which are amazing! I love that the Santa Monica store has suiting and shoes.

  4. That is a *stunning* dress Miss Fashionista, just gorgeous.

  5. thank you everyone! it's the Trina Turk Astra dress here:'
    I got it at the Trina Turk outlet in L.A.!

  6. Alhambra??!! Wow! I know the area well (lived in So. Pas and Pasadena for ten years and taught in San Gabriel) and I can't think of ever going in a clothing store in that general area. Are there outlet stores there now?